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Car Body Work & Paints

Category Body Work & Paints
  • Sanding machine and hand for adhesion. Surface planning is essential to supplying you with the safest and most reliable work, as with any form of the paint job.
  • Pre-detailing the surface panels to remove oil and grease. Pre-detailing also helps preserve the minimum volume of dust
  • To avoid overspray and to keep the expenditures down, expert masking. To remove lint and low tack masking tape, we use a special chemical treated paper to shield you from unwanted spray and to protect your moldings.
  • For additional adhesion and to provide you with a uniform finish, the free coat of bond seal primer
  • Painting in our temperature-controlled paint booth to provide you with a consistent paint job regardless of the conditions outside.
  • In our sealed oven for free baking. This facilitates the additional movement of paint and holds dust to a minimum. For baking, somebody shops fee to do so outside the paint booth where the air is full of sanding mud.


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